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About the Artist

Artist Lore

In late 2014 Mercury Hour was born in the wake of a life changing time for artist Scarlett C. Dancer. In lieu of these events she decided to push forward by pursuing a project she had long dreamed of bringing to fruition but felt overwhelmed by. It was a warm October night when Scarlett and friend drove her truck to the edge of a mountain located in the Phoenix, Arizona area, armed with only several jars, a back pack, salad tongs and a U.V flashlight. They began hunting for scorpions in the dark together, overcoming fears and creating a soul changing experience. Scarlett then dried, silicone molded, wax poured, casted and soldered her scorpion ring, as a symbol of rebirth from death, overcoming odds and daring to press onward. These 10 scorpions are now the foundation of Mercury Hour and using a method of molding we have been able to create hundreds of pieces and even more scorpion body varieties based from these original 10. We believe in being environmentally sustainable and do not condone adding to the carbon footprint of the mass insect breed to kill market. By going out into nature and collecting these pieces ourselves we believe that we're able to bring forth a design that is the most sustainable way for it to be created. No further scorpions have been harmed in the making of products.  

Having been trained in various mediums of art since a significantly young age, Scarlett grew up with a ferocity for learning as much as she could about all she could. All before the age of 15 she was preforming lost wax casting, soldering jewelry, engraving, throwing clay, mold casting, carving relief prints and drawing imaginative illustrations. It wasn't long till her passions took her to Pratt Institute in 2007, where she receiving her teaching BFA in Art and Design Education. It was at Pratt she brought breath to her works creating 4ftx5ft and 8ftx5ft wood relief block print tapestries and hand pulled silk screen prints. The work then evolved, to create real relics and artifacts of the civilization she had produced in her printing works.

Now years later Scarlett has kept one foot in the universe she had created and another in the realms of our present reality. She wanted to inspire a brand that walked the thin line between realms, jewelry that speaks to the mystery within us, calling from nature and that dark place beyond. While also tearing down barriers in this world, making inspiring daily adornments for bad asses that sends the message, "beautiful and deadly". She has done this by taking the originality from her own life and making hand crafted, quality, thoughtful art and jewelry.