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Why the Scorpions?

Scarlett Dancer

I get asked a lot of questions, but none more so then, "Why the Scorpions? What's the significance of Scorpions to you?" I decided it was high time I write about it and explain. I think it's pretty apparent by now that I'm a Scorpio, as a child growing up in a home with a Grandmother who was very much into the supernatural and explained to me stories of my Great Grandmother who was a psychic and a medium from off the boat, we constantly talked of the zodiac. For the years following I would always search for Scorpio jewelry in the antique stores. Always on the quest for that one special scorpion piece, things that reminded me of home, and the pride I had in what I was born to.

Scorpio is a fixed sign in the zodiac, which means that it's unmoving, you can look up in the sky and for the most part know it's there. The sign is also known for its psychic properties and dead on intuition. It's also one of the few that evolves, originally symbolized by the Eagle in history it would later change to the Scorpion. The fact that a Scorpio could change from a ground dwelling emotionally protective deadly creature, to a magestic strong a proud eagle, all by overcoming ones emotionally boundries always gave me something to strive for, and so my quest would continue.

Eventually I noticed that most scorpion jewelry I would find always looked like lobsters, it got to the point where it became overwhelmingly frustrating. I finally came to the conclusion I needed to make my own scorpion pieces. I had the skills, but it needed to come from life so their was no doubt about it, the only problem was that I've been vegan for years, and so a great battle began within me on how to proceed. In 2013 I had moved to Arizona but never pursued the project. I became wrapped up in my new life there, entangled in a terrible, unstable and dark relationship with a manipulative monster. I lost who I was, and for a year of my life was a shell, their was no assending from ground dwelling scorpion to eagle, their was no anything. When a Scorpio ignores their intuition, it's basically psychic death.

Theirs no easy way to talk about being in a abusive relationship. No easy way to describe the pain that was physically and mentally inflicted upon you. You're just forever changed by it, haunted by your own choices or lack of control in all of it. In the time after it I was trapped in my friends house from fear. I awaited the final verdict of the supreme court proceedings against my ex, who faced multiple counts of Aggrovated Assault and Destruction of Property against me. I knew I needed to reclaim who I was, something for me in all of this hell. When you're depressed, or feel beaten even the littlest activities for yourself seem like moving mountains. But even the smallest step once made is an achievement worth celebrating. I decided to no longer be a victim and to do something about it, I left my friends house, went and bought a UV flashlight, Salad Tongs and a bunch of jars and tossed them in a backpack. I enlisted my friend Steph and we went to the base of a mountain in Arizona at dusk and looked for scorpions.

In the two months of dealing with the courts I never laughed till that night. It was a time that will forever be in my memory. After many wild situations (like a scorpion trying to escape into my truck) We went to her house, we dried and pinned all our Scorpions together (Photographed below) We even tried resin casting some of them and failed terribly, but it was okay! Because we were learning, making, exploring. Finally I sat down and made the silicone molds of our findings and poured them in wax.

Once the sentencing came in from the courts and my ex was in jail I left Arizona and went back to Brooklyn, NY in 2014 and casted the first scorpion in Copper. I made myself a ring, I was beaming, endlessly beaming. When people ask me, "Why the Scorpions? What's the significance of Scorpions to you?" I think of all that I've just told you. I know some may be thinking that it's a bit TMI, but hey Mercury Hour is all about being honest and I think people forget that I'm a real person. When I look at our scorpionsI'm reminded of hope, of the nature of the scorpion and it's zodiac qualities to regenerate, to evolve, to over come, be strong, survive, use intuition and to not be afraid. I love being able to share these qualities with all of you, to give you a piece of jewelry that was sustainably and thoughtfully collected and not just bred to die in some bath tub in Thailand. Something that means something, and from the ground up was created by broken hands made whole by it. Theirs something truly special about creating beauty out of tragedy.

Mercury Hour on the move

Scarlett Dancer

Welcome to 2017! I started off the year by leaving my east coast home right after Christmas on the 26th and hopping on a plane to Sweden. I'll be here till January 31st which means shipments and processing time is going to get a bit buck wild. But this was a much needed trip as it literally forces me to take some time off from working. Don't worry I wont leave for this long again for the rest of the year.

"Scarlett why do you need some serious time off?" I'm sure you're wondering, well it's all thanks to the insane amount of tendonitis I suffer from. So these paws need a rest.

Don't fret! While I'm here in Sweden I brought a mobile studio, so I will be working on some new things for the year, just not going buck wild as usual. I'm SO excited to have just released PT1. of our This Will Hurt Collection, which will have more pieces drop for PT2. sooner than you know it. We will also be adding it our Witch and Psychedelic collections as well.

I thank you all for your patience with products being processed after the 18th and hope you all know how much this means to me, Mercury Hour was just a dream back in 2014, to see it and live it as reality is still mind blowing.

Kane Trubenbacher x Mercury Hour

Scarlett Dancer

For the last few months Mercury Hour has been working pincer and pincer with Kane Trubenbacher, an amazing tattoo artist out of Melbourne, Australia at Exhibition Street Tattoo. Kane is known for his single needle style and beautifully delicate representation of not only scorpions, but roses, crosses and doves. 

We wanted to showcase our evolution with everyone from Kane's drawing, to the finished work. This piece took a very long time to come to fruition, simply because  finding a perfect Bolo cord proved very difficult.But we were able to source from the mother land of all bolos, Texas! This piece will premiere as a pre-order on November 22nd as a package deal where you will not only get one of these amazing white bronze bolos but you will also receive a illustrated print by Kane. We simply can't wait. 

Witches Night Out

Scarlett Dancer

Mercury Hour was a vendor for the first Witches Night Out event, hosted by Babe Coven. The line wrapped around the block and we had a blast meeting everyone and connecting with the new owners of Mercury Hour items.


St. Vitus Flea

Scarlett Dancer


This past Sunday, we were at the St. Vitus flea market. It was a great chance to engage with other vendors and put names to faces from our instagram followers! We rolled out new pieces that will be on the latest shop update.