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Mercury Hour on the move

Scarlett Dancer

Welcome to 2017! I started off the year by leaving my east coast home right after Christmas on the 26th and hopping on a plane to Sweden. I'll be here till January 31st which means shipments and processing time is going to get a bit buck wild. But this was a much needed trip as it literally forces me to take some time off from working. Don't worry I wont leave for this long again for the rest of the year.

"Scarlett why do you need some serious time off?" I'm sure you're wondering, well it's all thanks to the insane amount of tendonitis I suffer from. So these paws need a rest.

Don't fret! While I'm here in Sweden I brought a mobile studio, so I will be working on some new things for the year, just not going buck wild as usual. I'm SO excited to have just released PT1. of our This Will Hurt Collection, which will have more pieces drop for PT2. sooner than you know it. We will also be adding it our Witch and Psychedelic collections as well.

I thank you all for your patience with products being processed after the 18th and hope you all know how much this means to me, Mercury Hour was just a dream back in 2014, to see it and live it as reality is still mind blowing.