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Inspired by the dusty old West of the 1970s, magic mushrooms, and tripping in the desert twilight, the psychedelic collection is made up of unique pieces that offer connection to the psychedelic spirit.


Witching Hour

The pieces in the witching hour collection are created with the intention of evoking magic and the mystical. Using black star diopside, moonstone, and animal and plant totems crafted from nature, the pieces in the witching hour collection are charged with good energy to get you through the tribulations of life.


Turquoise Mountain

All turquoise and silver, these pieces are inspired by old Southwestern classics. I'm always on the hunt for new pieces of turquoise to make into custom jewelry so keep on the lookout for new iconic pieces matched individually to new stones.


This Will Hurt

Whips, chains, ball gags, ropes... this collection was created to evoke the pleasure that comes from pain. Unleash your inner dominatrix with delicate charms that muddle the line between elegant and crass.


Roma Legacy

This collection comes from the tales told to me about my Great Grandmother, a Tarot Card Reader, Medium and Psychic who immigrated to America from Croatia. Swirl into a world of tarot cards, night creatures and the unusual. Chanel your inner psychic and cross the veil with accessories that will change your world.