By Scarlett C. Dancer


Designer Scarlett C. Dancer

Scarlett’s journey began with the divine luck of finding a jewelry mentor at a significantly young age. She began soldering, lost wax casting, and stone setting which soon led to her creating her very first ring all by the time she was 13 years old. She later went to Pratt Institute to study Art and Design Education for her BFA and Minoring in Art History along with Print Making. For the next several years she worked as a Senior Visual Merchandising Manage for two world flag ship companies along with become a Display Artist all in NYC.  

   It wouldn't be till years later in her travels that she would create Mercury Hour after a terrible personal tragedy that nearly ended her life. Using her abilities to create she decided to harness her sorrow into fire and Mercury Hour was born. Every year we donate to a different domestic violence charity in order to honor her fight for survival that lead her to create Mercury Hour.

Since her humble beginnings as a jeweler and designer she gone on to create a second brand as well called Rep By Scarlett C. Dancer, inspired by Brooklyn's hard edge effortless style. Because her creativity never sleeps.