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Mercury Hour

The Ghost Locked Necklace

The Ghost Locked Necklace

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It's believed that if one is touched by a ghost their soul is left standing between two worlds. This occurrence leaves one locked in a place betwixt life and death frozen in place. Inspired by this concept Scarlett created this heart stopping statement piece set with Moonstone eyes and Grey Agate Drops draped along an antique chain. 


  • each is 1/2" with a 1/2" tear drop


  • Designed and manufactured in Brooklyn by Scarlett C. Dancer

  • Made from recycled .925 sterling silver

  • Piece is 18" long and adjustable in size up to 14" small
  • This is a single unique item with only 1 currently available 
  • None of our pieces have tarnish coating, we don't believe shellac should be on the skin.
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