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Mercury Hour

Dubious Moons Necklace from the MH Vault

Dubious Moons Necklace from the MH Vault

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My Romani Grandmother and I would often ponder the moon when I was a child, she would explain the waxing and waning of it. But there would always be a time once in a while where she would look at me and say, "the moon is looking dubious tonight". Uncertainty follows us all, but these phases reflect the beauty of natures most constant nightly gift. I hand carved these pieces from wax, and have lovingly created this necklace with only two in stock on hand. 


  • each moon is the size of a US quarter. 


  • Designed and manufactured in Brooklyn by Scarlett C. Dancer

  • Made from recycled .925 sterling silver

  • Available in two lengths 18" that can also adjust to 16" and 20" that can adjust to 18"

  • Vault MH items are limited to only those that are currently available. Once stock is gone a restock may never happen again. 
  • None of our pieces have tarnish coating, we don't believe shellac should be on the skin.
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