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Mercury Hour

In Darkness Scorpion Orb Pendant from the MH Vault

In Darkness Scorpion Orb Pendant from the MH Vault

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Scorpions have long been a symbol of Mercury Hour, from Scarlett's very first scorpion ring, we've created a breath of work rival to many. in 2016 she designed this intoxicating Obsidian Orb Necklace, unfixed within its cage of creatures the stone moves freely, allowing the wearer to gently spin the stone during times of anxiety, to shield one from negativity and give a rooting calm to the adorned.


  • From tail to tip this piece measures at 2" long 


  • Designed and manufactured in Brooklyn by Scarlett C. Dancer

  • Made from recycled .925 sterling silver

  • Piece is set on a 17" chain
  • This is a single unique item with only 1 currently available 
  • None of our pieces have tarnish coating, we don't believe shellac should be on the skin.
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