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Mercury Hour

Summon the Spirits Ring

Summon the Spirits Ring

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Inspired by the Victorian Seance practice of producing ectoplasm. Scarlett created a piece that personifies the unique organic shapes of such a feat. Hand Carved from wax these pieces are each set with a Grey Salt and Pepper Diamond. 


  • 1/4" in height at highest point


  • Designed and manufactured in Brooklyn by Scarlett C. Dancer

  • Only 2 Available
  • Set with A Grey Salt and Pepper Diamond 
  • Made from recycled .925 sterling silver

  • Available in size 7 and 9

  • All Gold Vermeil is coated on top of Recycled .925 sterling silver
  • None of our pieces have tarnish coating, we don't believer shellac should be on the skin.

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