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Evil Eye Seeing Board Necklace


Evil Eye Seeing Board Necklace

all seeing board necklace.jpg
all seeing board necklace.jpg

Evil Eye Seeing Board Necklace

from 100.00

The expression for the evil eye in Roma is "Quererlar nasula- causing sickness" It is believed in some tribes that the Evil eye can be warded off by adorning yourself with one already, to cause a neutralizing effect of any evil projected at you. Arm yourself with this talisman of the old world, this hand carved and crafted seeing board allows you to commune with the spirits while on the go.

We also recommend wearing this piece in large necklace layers as it is customary to adorn ones self heavily in all things that shine to assist in avoiding the gaze of the evil eye.

Set on a 20" chain in your choice of metal sterling silver or white bronze, full piece measures at 21 1/2" long.

All designs are hand carved and finished by artist Scarlett C. Dancer, all rights of copy right reserved. 

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