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Moth Manifestation Bracelet


Moth Manifestation Bracelet

moth manifestation bracelet.jpg
moth manifestation bracelet.jpg

Moth Manifestation Bracelet


Their is an old meditative technique that was passed down to me from my grandmother. You take the little light burning within you and grow it large into a ball, moving this light through you chest, your arms, the tips of your fingers and down to your toes. Having an awareness of body and of self allows us to feel what once was unfelt, see what is unseen and listen to those who try to speak from beyond. This practice makes you attractive to the outer worlds as someone who has awareness for the veil. Like a moth to a flame wanting only to know more this work will be the start to your own metaphysical journey.

This piece is crafted from a North American Moth who passed of natural causes, casted in solid sterling silver. The cabochon within the moths is an Opalite stone, used as an open for your third eye. This piece is truly one of a kind and as always we're endlessly proud it was like all our pieces design in house.

All designs are hand carved and finished by artist Scarlett C. Dancer, all rights of copy right reserved. 

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