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Season of the Witch


Season of the Witch

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Season of the Witch


Their is an ancient saying, "Ki shan i Romani, Adoi san'i chov'hani" meaning " Where ever Gypsies go, There the witches are we know". Stories and myths of enchantments and mystery have followed the Roma forever, but the stories of witches have always been those that created such a stir within. With the beginning of the darkening sky Fall season bringing on the time for not just witches but one of the most mysterious signs of the zodiac Scorpio it's only fitting we create this Smoky Topaz cabochon ring. Topaz is the sign stone for Scorpio, and derives it's name from the word Fire, which for a water sign truly is the deep burning emotional nature within all born during this time. You however don't need to be a Scorpio to truly appreciate the beauty of this piece, set with a stone slightly larger then our usual settings, it's truly an eye catching wonder in itself. 

Mercury Hour was created during a life changing time for brand designer and creator Scarlett C. Dancer. In the wake of that tragedy she looked within, to the small light of power that still reminded in that dark October of 2014 and filled herself with purpose to bring into fruition a empowering scorpion ring totem to mark her death and rebirth. She went about her work creating the first scorpion ring of the brand, this very setting you see before you, which has been a staple of that transformation for the last three years. This piece is not just a beautiful ring, but a banner of a new beginning, a new season, a season of the witch. 

Only 10 of these pieces are available for purchase, at check out in the Comments section please include the ring size you will need.

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