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Standback Necklace


Standback Necklace

Stand Back Necklace.jpg
Stand Back Necklace.jpg

Standback Necklace

from 175.00

“Standback comes from a place unknown even to me. A hush surrounded it from the very beginning~and a feeling that it had always been was there from the first. 'Standback' lives in it's own timespace. It never belonged to me, it has always belonged to the world~and to Prince, who inspired the entire song.”- Stevie Nick’s 1991.

The story of the fruition of this song always reminds us of the wild unknown, of conjuring something greater then yourself and also respecting that process. This brings us to visions of month nature and her balance, so we created the Standback Necklace as a tribute to not only Stevie Nicks, but to creation itself. Hand carved and casted this necklace sits on a 18” chain in your choice of metal, solid .925 Sterling Silver, White Bronze or Yellow Brass.

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